Frequently Asked Puppy Questions

Frequently Asked Puppy Questions

Please get in touch if your question has not already been answered below

Please get in touch if your question has not already been answered below

Why should I choose you to look after my puppy?

That's a great question! Hopefully my answer will reassure you.

Firstly, have you read my story? If you haven't, I'd recommend you start there.

You can read my story here

Once you've done that, I hope you will see that even though I didn't grow up with dogs, I have changed my whole life based on my love for my two dogs. Now you'll either think I'm crazy and go and look for a different dog walker, or you'll be inspired by my story, and you'll be getting in touch with me.

Do you do home visits to feed my puppy and let him/her out to the loo?

Home visits are subject to availability. Puppy feeding and toilet training are included in my Puppy Quest services.

What time can my puppy be walked?

Morning walks can be booked between 8am-12 midday.

Afternoon walks can be booked between 1pm-5pm.

Do I need to be in when you collect/drop my dog home?

That’s entirely up to you! Most of my clients either have a key box or are happy for me to hold onto a spare key. It goes without saying I take security very seriously, your keys will be safely stored and unmarked.. My insurance also covers me to store client’s keys.

Do walks include pick-up/drop off times?

I allocate a few minutes for pick-up and a few minutes for drop off (including wiping down any muddy paws or topping up your dog’s water if needed).

Do you offer group walks?

No. I don't offer group walks if you're imagining your puppy in a van with 5 other dogs.
However, I offer joint walks for puppies from the same household, who are familiar and friendly with each other. I also offer Buddy Quests.

Will I receive (pup)dates of the time my puppy spends with you?

Of course! I can send as many (or as few!) as you like! Updates are included for each service, I usually send a quick update at the beginning and another update at the end as I don't like to be on my phone when I'm with your puppy.

Where will my puppy be walked?

That depends on your dog! Some puppies thrive in the park,others prefer a quieter walk.

What happens if there’s an emergency?

If there is an emergency involving your puppy, I will call you as priority and proceed from there.

If I am unable to get hold of you, I have a duty of care to your pet and will take them to the nearest veterinary treatment centre. Full details and paperwork is provided for you to sign in my Welcome Pack.

I’ve sent an enquiry – what happens next?

Firstly, thank you for your enquiry! Depending on the service you enquire, I will either give you a ring so we can have a chat over the phone, or I'll arrange a time to pop round to meet you and your pup.