What's Puppin'? (Blog)

Why should you read this blog?

Good question! Well, if you've made it here maybe it's because you have a rescue or reactive dog? Maybe you are thinking of adopting or getting a puppy? Looking for a dog walker who understands that your pooch isn't like other dogs? Perhaps you're interested to learn how I'm rehabilitating my fear-reactive rescue greyhound, one high value treat at a time? Or are you just tired of reading the same old wishy-washy "positive vibes only" social media articles that inspire 3 seconds of happiness?

I hear you. In fact, we probably have a lot in common. Maybe you're here because you got sucked in to the "crap internet advice and now my dog's behaviour is worse than ever" club. Well, lucky for you, there will be no advice given here. Crap or otherwise. Just lots of stories that might make you feel less alone (with lots of helpful links to small dog businesses so we can splurge with a conscience!)

So go and grab a cup of tea (or something stronger, I don't care) curl up in front of your computer, and let's get to know each other!

So why am I writing a blog in the era of Instagram?

Well, you might be thinking that blogging is like, so 90's, you know? Kinda like MySpace. A bit embarrassing and not something you'd admit to enjoying in public. You're probably right. Except for the fact that I enjoy writing. Actually, I love it. Ever since I was a kid, I would fill up notebooks full of short stories,  and i'd obsessively hide the keys to long tales of woe safely ensconced in my padlocked diary because of course, 14 year old me was definitely going through an existential crisis that NOBODY would understand, except Dear Diary.

I have grown up a bit since then, and if you're not convinced, please check out my writing account @humum_and_thehound where I try and shine a light on the murky world of the greyhound racing industry through short stories and pictures of Theo.

So, a blog seemed like the perfect way to get my fix of word porn (sorry) and to talk about things that matter and that might actually help you too.

Still with me? I hope so!

If you've read the About Me section on my website (wait, what, you haven't? stick a virtual bookmark in this and head over there now!) then you can expect something different, something interesting, fun, and hopefully useful too! If you haven't met me virtually yet, just click here.

So now that you've done that, you can expect some heckin' good stories, plenty of sight hound, puppy, rescue and reactive dog talk and if i'm really honest, small dog business promos - from muzzles to onesies. But not dog food. Sorry, that's not negotiable either.

Theo has an entire wardrobe to himself of beautiful, handmade, quality crafted clothes and matching muzzles. My bank account manager must think I own 12 rescue greyhounds based on my monthly statements. Sad truth is, I am only owned by one. And he has cataracts so doesn't even appreciate his fashound status.

So that's me! If you've made it this far,i'd love to hear about you!

I'll leave it here for now. But remember, if you live in Preston and are looking for help & support with your dog, please use the contact page to get in touch. Otherwise, i'll see you soon!

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